What did you do to/for your car today?!


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Figured we should have one of these threads here on Mainely! So post up anything you accomplished on your car today!

I installed rear Forester struts on Kati's Outback today to lift it back up from.the WRX struts it had. I'll finish it up this week



Great idea!

I didn't do much to either of mine today, but I did take this picture!



Replaced a low beam bulb that was out. and then replaced the parking light bulb on the other side that was burned out. Looked kind of funny before I replaced them, but now it's mint!

Parking light bulb was a pain to get out, had to take the headlight out a little. Side note, this hawkeye grill is by FAR the most annoying grill to take off out of all the cars I've owned.

Can't get over the yellow fog lights. Fav mod yet!!!



^Looking good!

Today I swapped out the tail lights in the rex and the hawkeye. Wanted to switch out the cracked (and small missing chunk) tail light in the 07 for a sticker tomorrow, maybe overkill but also wanted to see what it looked like.

Ugh... not a fan of the 07's


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