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    215/60-15 Snow Tires and steel rims $200 bottom dollar price to MS members. SOLD
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    '04 Forester XT parts

    Looking for a good condition under-engine tray and exhaust heatshields.   And still looking for a cargo shade too.
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    STI CV Axles

    I just picked up an STI R180 differential to swap into my Datsun and I need to either buy a set of stub axles with the proper spline for the STI diff and the proper mounting holes for my Datsun axles (to the tune of $500 a set), or make a set of the above by modifying the inner ends of the...
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    Studded-ish Snow Tires

    Nokian "Hakkapeliita 2" studded snow tires on steel rims.   205/60-15.   Used on an '01 2.5rs (oem tires size 205/55-16) with no problems and may clear WRX brakes (we can test fit at time of purchase).   I say studded-ish because most of them are gone.   They are a little loud (studs again) but...
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    Anyone have a cargo shade...

    For an '04 Forester?
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    WTB/WTT - GC8 Exhaust

    I have a full exahust on my '01 2.5rs (uel headers, high flow cat and OBX catback) and at the moment it is actually all off of the car.   If anyone has an OEM setup, I would prefer to go back to that and not deal with the CEL codes and excessive noise any more.  I only really need the header and...
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    Ice Racing w/the BMW Club You do not need to be a BMW club member to attend, just be a guest of a member and I will be happy to "sponsor" anyone.   Just pre-register so you can get the info emails.   Pre-registering does not mean that you have to attend any of the...
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    Few Small Items - BRO

    Full set of 4 Whiteline camber bolts, used, but still very useable  - SOLD Full set of spline drive lug nuts (subaru) - SOLD GlowShift sandwich oil adapter - BRO OEM shift knob out of an '04 wagon - BRO I would like to trade some or all of this stuff for a set of Hella horns, but really it...
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    Racing Seats

    I am considering upgrading the seats in the Datsun and if anyone has any brand/model I would be interested in checking them out and getting a feel for for how they fit me. I'm not looking to buy (unless I like them and they are for sale), more just test drive. I am considering the Corbeau A4's...
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    Cumberland Motor Club's 2013 Season Schedule

    April 28, 2013 Bill Dodge Bill Dodge, Westbrook, ME May 19, 2013 Bill Dodge Bill Dodge, Westbrook, ME June 9, 2013 Brunswick Landing (Major) Former Brunswick Naval Air Station, Brunswick ME  June 23, 2013 Crooker Crooker Lot, West Bath, ME June 30, 2013 Bill Dodge Bill Dodge BMW, Westbrook...
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    '01 Impreza 2.5Rs - Feeler

    I am considering the possibilty of selling my Rs.   I originally bought it for a winter beater, but it became my DD last summer and now I am thinking about swapping over to a Baja. It is an auto trans, the body has 170,000 miles and the motor has 40,000 on new pistons, rings, HG, timing belt...
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    GC Transmission swap

    I want to do a manual transmission swap into my '01 2.5Rs and because I would also like to get some lift out of new shocks and springs, I was considering using a Forester as the donor car. A Forester would have all the correct parts I need, right?
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    Bugeye Headlights

    Does anyone have a set of stock 02-03 impreza headlights sitting around? I would like to see if they could be retrofitted into my datsun.
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    Race Rubber - Free to good home

    Four Avon Tech-R 225/45-17 They are old, unevenly worn and about half used. But they have been properly stored and would make a great set for someone who is ready to transition to full race rubber. These are free, but I will only give them to you if you are actually going to use them. Not...
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    GC Stock Exhaust (99-01 2.5rs)

    I need a stock exhuast setup to pass inspection. A catback would probably work but I think I want to swap the whole thing back to stock. I have UEL headers, high flow cat and OBX catback currently that I would be willing to do a trade + cash.