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Have decided not to sell the car, but to spend some loot and get it up to speed. I need a set of OEM mufflers-anyone got some?
Does anyone know where I can get an alignment on a lowered car . Mine is a 17 BRZ with Raceland coilovers with adjustable lower control arms and adj toe bars I live in Bowdoin no one near me does lowered cars Thanks
Greetings fellow Suby lovers. New member, first post and asking for advice.

My baby is a 2007 Impreza WRX wagon with 107000 on it. My fuel system has some rusted fittings and the lines need to be changed. The kit I need is 42063SA000. No longer manufactured. I need to find an independent shop that can affect a repair that is safe, will pass inspection, and they will stand behind. I live in Kittery. Thank you.
New to ME. Live in Newport but y'all probably seen me around Bangor every day. Feel free to stop me and talk subaru with me. Been working on my OBS for over a year trying to restore. Lots of body work left. Anyways if anyone is around Newport area and want to meet, send me a message. Would love to be in the scene here. Maine is full of subiLove.

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