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    JP's 2000 Impreza L sleeper

    How it sits currently:  From all outward appearance a totally stock 2000 Impreza L except the RS hood and OBX muffler.  The interior is stock too except leather seats I got from VegasJetta - thanks dude Well this is what is actually under the hood The mod list is probably a mile long...
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    Need 2.5 dual port header

    Looking for a good quality dual port header y-pipe.  I have one in marginal quality, so Im looking only for something in great shape.  OEM Header.  Im in southern Maine
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    Baja values

    So I've always wanted a Baja for whatever reason.  Here's my my issue.  NOBODY wanted them originally.  They sold poorly and were discontinued.  Now everyone that has one acts like they're super rare and totally awesome desirable cars.  As such the price is jacked way up.  Complete balogna if...
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    5 speed swap parts

    Im pulling this stuff out in the coming weeks to do a swap.  190k miles on everything.. Phase 2 2.2 long block, dented oil pan, potential head gasket issue but running okay.  No intake manifold  Ill ask $300 obo Also from same car Everything needed (I think?) for a 5 speed swap.  Included...
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    GC RH Fender

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    ACT N/A Lightweight Flywheel + RS Partout leftovers

    I also have an ACT 13.9# Flywheel from the same car, about 50k miles in good shape, and I sprayed it in wd-40 and shrink wrapped it to store it.   Asking $100 for that.   ERZ Catless exhaust shown, minus the muffler.  Asking 200 sold Also a few other parts from the same car - 2001 RS 4.11 5...
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    Parting 00 RS

    Parting this out for my buddy who rolled it recently.  Location Biddeford 160k miles, runs and drives.  5 speed 4.11 Mods- Cobb crank pulley and short shifter ERZ EL header and obx catback, catless ACT 14# Flywheel Rest is stock and complete, 0 ghettoness.   PICS &gt...
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    04 STi springs, top hats and 1 strut

    Ill just post what I paid and then you can make an offer if you are interested~ Was going to put this setup in my buddys car, but he ran out of money and then crashed... 04 STi springs, low miles not rusty, I paid 90 OEM rear top hats to run STi springs in a GC, also paid 90 they are...
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    Cheap convertibles?

    My gf and I want to get a convertible this summer.  Cheaper the better since its just for fun and its our 4th car lol.  Last year we looked at Mustangs, Saabs, sunfires etc but never found anything worthwhile really.  All the Saabs seemed like total POSs... Prefer automatic.  I think maybe v6...
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    Mainely Dog thread

    Whats everyone got for dogs on Mainely?  My boy is a blue heeler / corgi ..
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    damaged OBS/RS hood

    I want to add a hood scoop to a flat hood, without the vents like a version 1 hood.  So just looking for a cheap GC hood with scoop,, maybe damaged or whatever.  Or a non damaged hood is cool too
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    EJ22 Phase 2 heads

    Looking for a set of heads from a 99-01 Impreza or legacy 2.2. 
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    Fs: Some ej22t parts, wrx and n/a parts

    Got a bunch of stuff I need to offload so I can finish up a project.. Bunch of ej22t stuff, got a complete motor and I only need the shortblock, its complete even with accessories no turbo Complete phase 2 ej22 190k miles running a few random wrx parts like 440cc top feeds and engine wiring...
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    Really disappointed with Tactrix 2.0

    Recently decided to purchase an Openport 2.0 for $180 or so, even though I only need a 1.3. I wanted to support the project, plus its American designed and made so that's great. Flashing worked fine, zero issues there. But logging with romraider doesn't work with Windows 7. This is just absurd...
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    Who wants a JDM EJ20 ?

    Im looking to get a JDM WRX 5 speed tranny, and seems like the easiest/cheapest way to do that is through an importer.  So Im looking to split a complete engine/trans set with someone at around 7-800 each.  I have transport set too for stuff close enough.  So for that much you would get a...