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    2000 Subaru rs

    So I had sold off all my cars and as most people do they get the urge to have it back. I searched the old interwebs and found another rs and it was local. Went and checked it out and it was what I expected. It had been sitting for about a year after the previous owner attempted to ken block it...
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    What's up fellas.

    After a long hiatus I found my way back to the forums. Glad to see Bratman has it all in working order. Let's make this club great again.
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    2009 wrx one piece seats

    Selling my wrx seats I bought off Jamey. One piece in black with the wrx logo stitched into them. Still has the air bags so you can wore them up if you'd like. Perfect condition. By far one of my fav seats due to the bolstering. Selling for 300 bucks picked up in Saco. Yes their dirty from...
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    Rota torques 17x8 5x100

    Sling my Rotas. Three of the tires are good and one had some excessive camber and burned the Inside edge off. Could find a 4th tire with similar tread and be set for a few summers. Asking 300 bucks
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    Cobb accessport v3

    Selling my accessport. Came off my 06 wrx. Obviously fits other models. In excellent shape. Still has the screen protector on it. Asking 500 Obo.
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    Isc coilovers

    Fits 06 wrx an other applications. Comes with adjustable camber on all 4 corners plus other top hats and some spare parts. No adjusting spoons. Asking 500 for mainely members.
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    2004 outback engine

    Looking for an engine for a friend. If anyone has anything or know of something let me know. Thanks
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    September meet...Buffalo Wild Wings

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    August meet 2014

    My laptop died so this is all by phone so it's not fancy but Augusts meet will be held in Augusta this month and will be eating at red robin like we did last time. We had an amazing turnout for the first Augusta meet in awhile so now that the weather is warmer I would hope this meet will be just...
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    Feeler : Augusta meet ?

    Just seeing if we should set up a summer time Augusta meet. Last meet was awesome
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    Just a reminder.

    It came to my attention that someone wearing ms gear at a local race track was littering, just littering... Not a huge crime by any means but none the less still wearing ms gear. As I stated in the fb post myself and the moderators and even all of you members have worked very hard to create a...
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    New England hill climb So I've always wanted to do a hill climb so I think im going to pull the trigger and try and make one of these events. Anyone here done one? Anything I should do to set the car up a little better. Basic rules and regs?
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    For trade... 06 wrx trunk for wingless

    Title says it. I'm contemplating going wingless. I think mines tech steel grey but currently dipped black. I'll take anything that'll fit since I'll dip it black to match. Let me know what you've got
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    Afx under the lights car show at Berlin City Toyota Just seeing if anyone wants to tag along. I'm sure a few of my friends are going to attend so I figured why not see if you guys wanted to rep the Subaru crew with us. June 7 from 3-10pm.
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    Wicked Big Meet 2014

    June 8th 2014 I don't remember if I posted this or not but it's back again. Wbm 2014 is in 15 days. Well do the same thing as always, meeting at kennebunk rest stop at 7 am. Well depart around 730 ish. You can prebuy your ticket or buy at the gate. Bring radios for the trip down and I'd...