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    2002 Impreza 2.5TS

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    Epic Engineering Springs 02-07 Impreza GD/GG $150!

    I got a set of Epic springs for cheap that I decided not to install on my impreza. They are used and have about 6k miles on them. They show a bit of wear on them, but they are still identifiable and in good shape. I'd like these gone quick to clear up some storage space. $150 in the Bangor area...
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    02+ Kartboy shifter. Cheap

    I just picked up this shifter but now I have to turn around and let it go. It wont work for me because I already have the factory spt shifter. You can tell by the coloring that this is an older Kartboy, but non the less its an authentic item because of the sticker. Just looking to get back what...
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    Forester XT Enkei OEM 16" w/ tires.

    Hey guys, need to sell a set of wheels that I dont plan to use next summer. They are Oem enkei wheels from a forester xt. I had a friend blast off all the extra paint that was on them and I painted them an antique gold/brass. All of them are straight, no cracks, no bends, and they have good...
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    1998 Impreza obs. Come get it before its crushed!

    If anyone is interested in making an offroad vehicle or winter plow rig, you should definitely buy my impreza. It runs and drives no problem, has a current sticker even. It does have some nasty rust in the rear wheel wheels and there are some repaired areas that are starting thru again. Its...
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    Td05, Turboback, and other stuff. Need it all gone!

    Alright guys, Ive got a handful of stuff I need gone. Ill be taking offers on most of it, and if you contact me I can get pics of pretty much any item. Help me get rid of unused parts! 1. GSP TD05H turbo. Had it looked at by a professional shop and they told me it was good to put on a car...
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    98-01 Black RS sedan door cards

    Looking to complete the black interior swap on my OBS and I really needdoor cards. MUST be from a RS sedan,front+rear, and Id prefer them to be in pretty good shape. They don't have to be a 10/10, but I don't want holes in the side of them. Let me know what you guys have and what your trying to...
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    Bunch of things; JDM & USDM; STI & WRX.

    I have an assortment of parts that I decided against using on my project car and I would like to recoup some of the money spent. Most prices are best offer, but please don't lowball like crazy. The only thing i'd be interested in a trade would be some big sway bars. My name is Chris and you can...
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    EJ22e dual port heads

    I'm looking to pick up some dual port 2.2 heads that someone has sitting around. I know these things will be old and are covered in dust, but I'll rebuild them for my purposes. I don't want to spend a lot on 19+ year old heads, but I'll pay for a set that isn't stripped out. The cheaper, the...
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    EJ18 Shortblock

    So yes, I need a 1.8 short block for a project I am trying to put together. I know it'll be difficult to find one with really low miles on it but I would prefer around 150k or less if possible on it. I don't care if there are junk heads or whatever still on it or not. As long as it hasn't over...
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    WTB: 98-02' Forester drivers side exterior handle

    In all this bitterly cold weather, today happened to be the day that my door handle gave up the ghost. I'd like a new one asap so i'm able to lock my car up again without having to go through the hatch. If anyone has one please let me know! Thanks!
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    FS/FT: Wheels and mufflers

    Hey guys, Ive got a few things kicking around that i'd like to either sell outright or trade for other parts. MAKE OFFERS! 1. Magnaflow 11215 stainless steel muffler. Brandy new and still in the original box. Would be great on any NA engine. 2.25" ID on both ends. $75 or trades 2. Magnaflow...
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    Evergreen gaskets?

    I would just like to get some opinions abou these gasket sets. I got a full set with headgaskets for a 2.2 for free, but i dont want to use them/it if its mostly junk. I'll probably get OEM exhaust gaskets anyways so I know i'll be leak free. Thanks guys!
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    Phase 1 2.2e intake manifold

    Just like the title says, I would like to find an intake to use for a porting practice/project. Needs to be a phase 1 2.2e so it will match up to my heads. I don't care how dirty or grimy it is, naked or with stuff attached still. Dirt cheap would be the price im willing to pay. Let me know!
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    2000 Subaru Outback

    Hey everyone, I need to get rid of my Outback pretty quick so I'm hoping someone here will take it off my hands. I've had it just over a year and have replace quite a few parts here and there on it, but have mostly just used it as a commuter to get to work, school, and South Portland once a...