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    Transmission question

    this Has probably been covered so I apologize just bought an 06 wrx wagon which needs a tranny I have a tranny from an 03 wrx sedan full parts car will the tranny and diff and everything mate up fine? Or do I need to find an 06 tranny seen a few different things said about it so not sure any...
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    Bugeye possible transmission issue

    More of looking to see if it is the tranny if anyone has ran into this and if I do end up changing would try to find a 6speed appreciate it though!
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    Bugeye possible transmission issue

    Haven’t seen a thread on this yet 03 wrx only “mods” are sti intercooler and sti downpipe was in reverse kind of made a grinding sound so i stopped and went to move again felt like the ebrake was on so put it in first did the same thing just kept going and ever since I hear a whining/rattling...