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    WTB: Turbo heat shield

    looking to buy a turbo heat shield for my 5th gen legacy GT, either New or good decent shape used one. it's for a 2010 Legscy GT or a good site to buy! cheers in advance
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    FT or FS *photos added*

    feeler for trade or sale....... it's a stock 2010 wrx Dunlop tires sp sport01 with about 95% tread life left, it's currently still mounted on the rims i just picked up, if it's for trade i'm looking for 225/50/17's snow tires maybe plus cash depend on the tread wear on the snow tires you have to...
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    WTB: wheels

    i'm looking for a set of 17 or 18's stock wheels for my 2010 LGT with 5x100 bolt pattern..... show me whatcha got and price..... i'm just looking for wheels and tpms only, no need of tires unless the price is right..... cheers
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    2010 LGT

    i'm just curious is there anyone else out there driving a new 2010 Legacy at all??? i know some of you know what happened to my 07 LGT, now i'm a new owner of a 2010 LGT...... i would like whatcha like about the car so far..... i love mine, just need some fund to put some stuff on it, like the...
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    FS: floor mats

    for sell is a set of all weather floor mats and they say "Subaru" on the front mats, that would fit 05-08 maybe early 09 legacy's..... they are in great shape except a little of the rubber on the driver side is worn down from my heal rubbing on it....... i'm not really sure how much they go for...
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    LGT before and after.... 2010 LGT

    hey everyone, i know some of you know that i got in a wreck few weeks ago with my 07 LGT, it's totaled and i walked away with out any scratches, thank god..... here's the pics of the car before and after than the new ride..... cheers for looking.... heres 07 LGT.... before..... after...
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    new to the site

    hey everyone, just to let ya all know i wrecked my car few weekends ago and just found out this morning my LGT is totaled, i'm fine i walked out without any scratches, i spun out, hit a sign and a tree coming around a corner, ohh air bag deployed too...... i'm in the market for a new LGT, anyone...
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    HELP on headlight

    i have a 07 lgt, on the driver side headlight where the lock holds the bulb, i broke the little plastic piece and now the lock would not lock... what can i do with out getting a new headlight assemble????
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    WTB: one stock rim

    i'm looking for a cheap wheel, just the wheel no need for a tire, it's a stock lgt wheels look like this...., must be straight and clean, hit me with a price.... cheers....