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    Gauging Interest... Wheels & Tires

    Need some summer wheels and tires? Look no further! You may say, "But Jesse, it's almost winter in Maine!" I say, I do what I want! 17x8 et45 Motegi Racing wheels 245/40/17 economy "all seasons" - they saw snow once and I would not trust them. This combo has only been used for two Maine...
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    Yakima Big Powderhound

    I have a set of powderhounds for sale. They're the bigger ones that hold 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. They're a little dirty but in great shape otherwise. I don't leave them on my car, so they haven't seen a lot of winter action. The locks are already installed. Looking to get around $100...
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    EGT Gauge

    I got an EGT Gauge as a gift. I don't have a great need for it and don't really want to go through the trouble of installing it. It's a rally sport direct gauge. It's in a pod but has never been truly installed. I believe its about a 40-45 dollar gauge. Id let it go for less. If anyone has any...
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    My hot maker stopped making hot...

    ...But then, it started working again. On my way to work yesterday, I had no heat. It wasn't even warm coming from the vents. After work, on my way home, there was heat again! It seemed to take longer than usual to blow heat, though. Maybe it just seemed like longer because I was quite frigid...
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    Bugeye Hood Scoop

    Obviously, I would like to get my hands on a scoop that will fit my bugeye.  Anyone in the Bangor area have one?
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    Turbo Upgrade

    So, I've been thinking of upgrading my turbo pretty much since I got the car back from Mike. He recommended the VF39, and I know it's fairly common to do so. In my research, I stumbled across some info on a TD04 19T. Does any one have any experience with this set up? There's info on Nasioc, but...
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    Vortex Generator

    I'm going to be going a different route with the back-of-the-roof-above-the-rear-window space on my car, so now's your chance to own a beautifully cheap thingy for your car! It's plastidipped flat black; it's for sure peeling up on one corner. Lucky you! This is exposing the ultimately cheap...
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

    As the title states...... I used it for about a week, and It's sat ever since I got a Microsoft Surface. $125 and it's yours. Will also entertain trades, let me know what you've got. Worst I can say is no.
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    I would like to purchase your services!

    I need some help! I need to install a rear wheel bearing, and was wondering if any of you guys would want to help me out this coming Sunday. I have a guy who said he'd help me for $50 the middle of next week, but I don't want to wait that long if I don't have to. Besides, I'd rather hook one of...
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    Headliner repair?

    My headliner has a gouge in it. I plan on putting new fabric on it, but I don't want there the be a visible dip or bump in the new stuff I put on. Is there any way to fix something like this? The hole is deeper than what it looks like in the pictures.. Any help/ideas will be greatly...
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    Ran into a possible problem..

    So last night I got my coilovers installed, and, long story short, the jack I was using failed and dropped the car and it fell back when i was lowering the front. The car ended up being lower than I thought, and I know the jack got stuck on something, since I couldn't get it to lower all the...
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    Fitting rims on my bugeye

    What will I need to do to get some 18x8.5 rims with a +35mm offset on my car? I'm going to roll the fenders but I'm wondering what else I'll have to do. It's at stock ride height now, but I plan on getting some tein h techs to go down 1"in the rear and 1.4" front. I have some 1" wheel spacers...
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    Rims for summer

    Looking to get some new rims for this summer. I'm looking for 17x7.5 or 17x8 5x100. The offset doesn't matter too much. Rims with goodish or good tires would be preferred. Let me know what you've got.
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    My girlfriend is indecisive..

    So my girlfriend is looking at getting into a new car, and, being awesome, she doesn't want anything but a Subaru. She's going to go ahead and get a brand new one so she doesn't have to deal with the used car crap anymore. She's just having trouble on deciding between the Crosstrek and the...
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    So I need a 2.2 Block

    I have a bad rod bearing which I found out on the way to New Hampshire. Luckily I made it to Meyagi's and I had to leave it there. If anyone has a 2.2 block I can take off their hands, let me know. The closer you are to Meyagi's Shop, the better.