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    Hi there! Welcome Are you buying a new turbo or used? If so what kind of miles are on the system?
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    Mainely Subarus Decals

    Would you like a decal to support the site?
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    New Subaru WRX owner

    BRZ are small - I think you'll enjoy the WRX a bit more.
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    How did you find Mainely Subarus?

    Glad you joined us here!
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    New guy

    Welcome sorry to hear you're having issues with the seller. Where did you buy them at?
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    04 outback Subaru help

    I’ll ask the group to see if they can chime in.
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    2016 WRX Premium - Dark Grey

    Good luck with the sale. Shared with the FB pages and groups.
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    Where abouts are you located?

    Where abouts are you located?
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    Looking for mechanic in Brunswick, Maine

    Our friend Duckie - posted in the FB group he's looking for someone to work on his Subaru Baja, as it needs a "lot" of repairs. As always looking for someone honest and reasonable. If you know or recommend someone, post here.
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the group! Glad you found us! I know we are always looking for new please tell your friends. We are trying to grow! Do you happen to have any pics of your car...I always love to see what members might have done to their rides. Hope you stay warm and safe if you got...
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    97 legacy outback wagon help

    Were you able to get the engine video to work?
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    97 legacy outback wagon help

    Had some folks post to the facebook page - hope this helps.
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    97 legacy outback wagon help

    You didn't insult. I'm glad you are here. I just took over the site this year...and we are struggling, but working towards the goal! Let's see if we can get the help you need.
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    97 legacy outback wagon help

    We are a bit slower to answer, but I'll send this to the facebook group and hopefully they can help.
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    Welcome the community! Glad you are here, even if we are Maine based, we welcome everyone from all areas of the country!
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    Replacing headlights

    Unfortunately, my headlights are getting rather foggy...and I've tried to clean them but they look like garbage. I'm thinking of trying to find new...or newer headlights and replace them on my Legacy. Has anyone does this before? Is it a pain to replace headlights on the legacy?
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    What struts, fit what models

    We First, welcome to the forum! I haven't had much time playing with the new Subarus. @IBratmanI is the resident knowledgeman about struts fitting where. Hopefully he can chime in here.
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    Subaru Legacy 2.5i Loud engine

    I'll have to check the other oil car sites...but I thought Mobile 1 was still great. I run it in my Honda as it takes 0w type oil. When you say you put it in the tank......can you tell me exactly what you mean by that?
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    Subaru Legacy 2.5i Loud engine

    Nah it's the base model.