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  1. Nigel Prodrive

    Hakka snows on 15" Fozzie steel wheels

    Hakkapellitta Q snows, 205/70-15, 5x100 fitment, tread less than half worn. $200 for set. Great option for older Foz, Legacy/Outbacks or GC/GD Impreza (non WRX). 329-6816 MS won't let me post pics here for some reason, so here's link to my ad on craigslist...
  2. Nigel Prodrive

    2000 2.5RS

    If you want a nice RS, better grab this one before I chicken out and keep it.
  3. Nigel Prodrive

    A 450-hp BRZ STi you Say? I say, "Why, YES Pleez!"

    Oooh-oooh-oooooh, now that sounds more like it. Discuss.
  4. Nigel Prodrive

    WTB: GC Impreza rear subframe

    Looking for a decent condition rear subframe as part of rear suspension rebush/rebuild on my 00 RS sedan. Norms does not have one. any other ideas of where to look out there? Have $$, need parts....simple deal, eh?
  5. Nigel Prodrive

    WRX is #1 car in America! Well, sort of...

    ...#1 with the most speeding and traffic tickets, that is!  Congrats Rex drivers, y'all are the champs!!!
  6. Nigel Prodrive

    *&%$#@!!! Subie locks itself overnight in cold

    Anybody else had their Scoob lock itself with no apparent outside help? 2000 RS sedan, OEM key fob, locks work great otherwise EXCEPT it has started to lock itself overnight in the c-c-c-c-old we've had lately. Not so bad in and of itself, EXCEPT when the O(^&^$^%$^$#@[email protected]!!! keys are left in...
  7. Nigel Prodrive

    2015 WRX revealed!!! 6spd standard...or CVT...Fozzy XT hatchback (yet)...semi-blobular stylin'...HID eyeballz, WTF else do we know. I kinda like it, but would go 100% goo-goo over a hatchback Rex like this. let the caterwauling...
  8. Nigel Prodrive

    STI Police car, eeeek!

    Cops in one Wisconsin town don't care if it's snowing like hell, they'll get you anyway... Hrmmmm, wonder if it'll catch on in Maine??!!
  9. Nigel Prodrive

    Bugeye WRX and Forester seats F/S

    Subaru WRX sports seats, 02-03 style w/side airbags, in excellent condition. These seats feature deep side bolsters and grippy synthetic suede fabric. They are not your typical beat-up grubby used Rex seats. Great upgrade for a higher-mileage car, easy bolt-in fit for virtually all Subarus 07 or...
  10. Nigel Prodrive

    1968 Volvo 122S "Amazon" $3990

    Reducing inventory in the driveway @ Chez Nigel Surprisingly sporty classic Volvo coupe, with the rebuilt 2-liter motor, Weber 2-bbl, and 4-spd OD gearbox she goes pretty dern good! Stops good, upgraded disc brakes from Volvo 142. Turns really really good -- Bilstein HD shocks and fat swaybars...
  11. Nigel Prodrive

    some real info about new WRX!!

    y'all saw it here first.
  12. Nigel Prodrive

    VW specialists in Maine?

    A colleague is shopping for a used Golf. What are some of the better-regarded VW specialists in Maine where she doesn't have to wade thru typical silliness from a VW dealer?
  13. Nigel Prodrive

    Special pricing @ Team O'Neil for MS members

    This came up a while back in "Snow Driving Tips" thread, but this offer deserves its own thread. Team O'Neil has offered a discounted rate for MS members who sign up for the Winter Safe driving class. Seeing some of the news on here of members stuffing into snowbanks, clouting curbs and punting...
  14. Nigel Prodrive

    New Forester revealed @ Toyko Auto Show

    check out the super cool intro video, awesome projection mapping techniques. sure wish I had some a them robots to work on MY Subarus....
  15. Nigel Prodrive

    2013 WRX and STI pics from SEMA Show

    Let the yowling and or drooling begin. Can't believe there's no hatch in the plans!!??
  16. Nigel Prodrive

    IPhone 3G S, AT&T version

    Great shape, I miss how good it feels in the hand. My new Verizon IPhone 4 is nowhere near as nice. Comes with all original equipment, waiting for new owner and new sim card! $125 Split-window VW bus not included. Peace out, man!!
  17. Nigel Prodrive

    WTB WRX stock rear swaybar

    sedan version, preferably message me heah deahs.
  18. Nigel Prodrive

    WTB GC RS coupe spoiler

    ...what headline says, Alpine White if ya got it. Other wings considered.
  19. Nigel Prodrive

    Milwaukee 18v cordless impact

    Impress your buds at the next AX or rallycross, and swap wheels as quick as lil Luigi in CARS. This thing is the real deal with 1/2" drive and 240 ft lbs of torque. Charger and 18v batt both brand new. Switching to Dewalt cordless tools, so old faithful's gotta find a new home. $150 Dumb mobile...
  20. Nigel Prodrive

    BRZ named fastest-selling car in America!

    I read it on the innernet, so it MUST be true....|main5|dl7|sec3_lnk3%26pLid%3D171668