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  1. Animal25RS

    MPG Problem

    Hey Ladies & Gents, Got a curious problem... I have a 2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium and the specs on this Veh states that I should be getting 27 hwy miles per gallon and it has a 18.5gallon tank.  I travel 74 miles to and from work, Monday - Friday... which calculates to 380 miles a week...
  2. Animal25RS

    FS: 2006 Forester 2.5x

    For Sale: 2006 Subaru Forester 2.5x - N/A - 5 Speed - Been in 1 accident with only cosmetic damage = Repaired at reputable business (Moody's) - 157,000 miles; Rebuilt engine at 154,000 miles by "WRBWRX aka Dylan Pomerleau" - Other misc parts replaced by "Evergreen Subaru" - Passed 50 point...
  3. Animal25RS

    WTB a Boosted Subaru...

    Hey, I'm looking to buy a Boosted Subaru, so either a FXT, Wrx, Sti or Legacy GT. Manual preferred but not absolute. Little to to rust preferred as well. Anyone got anything?
  4. Animal25RS

    Looking for a decent Veh

    Any decent veh under $3000... What do you guys got? Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  5. Animal25RS

    Mixing Subaru Interior's

    Does anyone know if 2011 WRX Seats will fit in a 2006 Forester?
  6. Animal25RS

    Looking around for a Forester

  7. Animal25RS

    Does anyone know if a window regulator...

    Does anyone know if a window regulator from a wrx will work in a 2006 forester?
  8. Animal25RS

    WTB: A window regulator + motor

    I want to buy a window regulator+motor for a 2006 Forester front driver side. Anybody got one?
  9. Animal25RS

    FS: OEM 2002 Bugeye Springs

    For sale: Stock OEM 2002 Bugeye Springs. $50.00
  10. Animal25RS

    Any interest in Hats?

    Is there anyone on this forum who loves hats like i do? I love hats...all kinds; Snapback, Flex-Fit and Fitted. And i love my art; which i've started putting it on my hats & my friends hats. So, I'm wondering if there is any interest in "custom hats"? An if your wondering what type of...
  11. Animal25RS

    Name this Part

    I always find new parts, to which I have no clue what the names of the parts are. An I know there has to be someone on this forum who knows, so tthe picture is of a SG9 Forester and I'm wondering what bumper is on this forester?
  12. Animal25RS

    '06 Forester Rear Seat Removal Question

    Hi, I'm trying to remove the back seat out of my '06 Forester. I got the bottom cushion out an removed the four bolts from the back rest where its connected in the middle. Now i still can't get the back rest of the rear seats out. The only place that its connected is a little piston like rod...
  13. Animal25RS

    Dash Trim Removal Question...

    Does anyone (or has anyone) ever removed the dash trim (its the piece that the arrows are pointing to) in a 2006 Forester?iPhone Fyi: I did post this same question in my "Member Journal"...though i don't know how many people actually look at my journal.iPhone .
  14. Animal25RS

    Looking for some suggestions for more power before a turbo upgrade

    I was wondering what your (forum people) thoughts are for achieving more power out of an N/A motor? Before spending money on a turbo setup, what would be some good upgrades to squeeze out more power? iPhone
  15. Animal25RS

    FF: Half finished fiberglass subwoofer box

    For Free (up for grabs/first come): Half finished fiberglass subwoofer box for a 10" sub. This box fits in the corner of a 2002-2007 wrx trunk right behind the taillight - left side.
  16. Animal25RS

    So..My Fozzy got backed into by a...

    So i'm at my job...Fozzy is parked no where near anyone or anything and an hour before my shift ends; the plow truck driver backs into my fozzy! And i saw it back up into my Foz, i was staring at my vehicle...dreaming about future modifications and i witness the dumbass slowly back up into my...
  17. Animal25RS

    2006 Fozzy Wheel Fitment Q's

    Well not sure. I'm looking at the wheel in the picture below.
  18. Animal25RS

    2006 Fozzy Wheel Fitment Q's

    What's the widest wheel + tires combo you know of that can be put on a 2006 Fozzy? Is the front an rear the same or can i fit a wider rim an tire combo on the back?
  19. Animal25RS

    Diy: Shaping Foam Questions

    Hi, i need some some questions about "shaping foam"; has anyone on this forum ever done it?