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    Cool Air Intake

    I have an ingen cool air intake in my 06 Subaru Impreza.  It seems to be pushing my passenger side fender out from the bumper.  What would be the easiest, least expensive fix to take care of it?  
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    Fog Lamp 02 Subaru Impreza RS

    I am looking for a driver's side fog light for an 02 Subaru Impreza RS.  I don't need the bracket, just the lamp assembly.  Cheapest would be best.
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    Parts for sale

    I have scrapped several salvage Subarus, with that, I have stock parts available for sale.  The oldest I have taken apart is a 2003.  I have engines, I have transmissions, wheels, sub frames, axles, control arms, windshields, doors, fenders, rear hatch and the list goes on.  If you need...
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    Leaky Turbo

    I am looking into buying an 05 Legacy Outback Limited.  The vehicle has 124K and has the 2.5 Boxer engine with the Turbo.  The turbo and the Cat have been replaced, as well as a tune up.  Unfortunately, the turbo is leaking oil between the engine and the turbo.  There is a loss in boost and also...
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    Subaru Parts

    I have parted out several different style Subarus.  I have lots of parts available for 2005-2009 Outbacks, I have 2004 Impreza Outback parts, I have 03 Forester parts.  The parts are from salvaged title vehicles.  All the parts are stock parts and are at the best prices.  Let me know what you...