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    $50. Came with my 2000 RS.  Clamp on style for cars without rails. Call or text if I am not responding quick enough 207210873two  
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    Stock cat-back-----NeVermind

    My wife's muffler just broke off her Forester.  Mid-pipe looks questionable,too.   Need decent looking cat-back for a 2000-2005 Forester.   ALL SET.  FOUND Something.  Lock thread. Why can't we delete out own threads?
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    99 Forester 'S'

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    07 Legacy

    SOLD 2007 Legacy, 139,xxx miles, automatic.  Tinted windows.  Power driver's seat.  Black interior.  Sunroof.  All stock.  DUnlop allseason tires.  Trans replaced at 90k with factory trans.  Head gaskets and trailing arm bushings done this past summer.  Timing belt done.  Newer front brakes...
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    84 Honda 250 Motorcycle.

    1984 Motorcycle. 250cc road bike with low miles.  Carb rebuild.  Clutch cable replaced but needs adjustment, it flares under high revs.  Have title. $300
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    Impreza wagon spoilers

    Upper and waist spoilers $75 each. This 
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    Almost free sale

    I am throwing this stuff out thursday.  You want it YOU come get it.  To hold your item offer some money or beer.  I'm not expecting much money for any of this.   98+ Impreza 99+ Forester guage cluster.   NEW interstate 800 cold cranking amps.  Its big.  Its bad ass.  Its new. Craftsman...
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    2008 Yamaha Raptor ***SOLD***

    Raptor is SOLD!  Lock it.
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    02-03 Impreza fenders

    Chris in parts at Evergreen needs front fenders for his TS wagon.  Doesn't care if they are sedan or wagon fenders.  Has lead on some at Cumberland Salvage but was wonderin if other/better deals were out there
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    1 Blizzak

    I need one snow tire, BLIZZAK 205-55-16 half worn preferred.
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    WRX TGVs

    I don't know what year these are but I will find out somehow (04s??).  They are broken, or appear to be broken so the intent is to sell them to someone who wants to make TGV Deletes.  Best offer. pics tomorrow or the next day
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    ole No.8 "Buckshot"

    I named it Buckshot.  Its got a serious misfire and while bringing it home my son said it smells like gun powder while driving behind it., New-to-me, clean slate, where do I go.  I guess I'll fix shit, then some grabby snows, then see where the desires take me.
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    Darth Wagon begins to immerge from the depths of averageness

    Still have this car.  Just recently started driving it again while the kid is away. So far, STi springs, Kartboy links front and rear 17mm rear sway bar. kartboy short shift kartboy shifter bushings 2000 Forester "S" Wheels..blackened Prodrive axle back 02 WRX lengthened mid pipe with...
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    Honda has plans for the FR-S and BRZ? This should be interesting.
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    A friend has big bucks stuffed in his sock drawer and wants to buy a Subaru but doesn't want to spend the $15 to post an add.  Post what you got for sale.
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    free wood

    take it!  Its free.  I will help you load it
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    GC/OBS wiper linkage

    Need a wiper transmission for a 98 OBS.
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    Power steering lines

    96-2001 Impreza I need the metal lines that come off the steering rack and swing over to the passenger side.  If you have the entire length to the pump I'd buy that too.   Mine rotted thru where the metal lines are somewhat exposed down low about 6in from where it screws into the rack.
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    97 OBS

    It was originally this color 1997 Impreza Outback Sport. 231,000 miles.  Dark gray primer. Steel wheels with sick nasty hub caps. Has a sticker.  HELLA 500 lights. Registered.  Ready for test drives.  Engine, trans, brakes, and tires are all in good shape.  Some rust in the usual Impreza rear...