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    Urgent need mechanic in Portland

    Sorry for the double post but I'm trying to cover my bases for tomorrow. I am at concord coach in Portland. I started my 05 forester. It shifted to drive but sounded like it was still in park. I got outside and there was a huge puddle of transmission fluid under my car. I need a reliable...
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    Urgent need mechanic in Portland

    Hi I'm parked at concord coach in Portland and my 05 forester isn't shifting and leaking transmission fluid. It sat for a week and happened after I started it up. I shifted into gear but nothing happened. It's like it's stuck in park. I went outside and saw a huge puddle of transmission fluid...
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    winter rims (salt and sand) question

    Hi, I wanted to buy some nice rims (either black or black with machined accents) for my 05 forester, and I had a few questions about what would be a durable tire to deal with Maine driving conditions (pot holes, off roads, snow?).  The rep at Town Fair Tire claimed the Motegi mr 107 would hold...