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    down on power?

    can anyone help me diagnose whats wrong with my subaru? i own 2 identical 2000 foresters 2.5 sohc. no mods. just tested 0-60 times and hp readings with the "torque" app, same profile on both. black one puts out 90 hp 11.8 time "S" model with LSD green one puts out 125 hp 8.8 time "L" model...
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    who's got a trailer?

    so i'm picking up a forester 5 speed tomorrow, it has been sitting for a year, i slapped my battery in it and sure enough, it fired right up and drove itself right out of the back yard and even the headgaskets appear to be good with minimal body rot! one problem however, there are no brakes...
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    saggy butt spacers?

    I tow with my forester pretty often and really makes the rear end sag. What kind of spacers can I use to help with the extra load without compromising handling? Will ones from an outback or impreza fit? Do they just slide in or do I need to remove the springs to put them on? The ones I'm...
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    older 2.5 parts.

    I'm moving and looking to clear out several boxes of parts. Good 2.5 dohc heads, 97-99 2000 forester sohc block, 160k bent rod, still drove itself onto the trailer, should be rebuildable. Entire dohc intake Radiator Condenser compressor, lines for ac. A couple alternator at least 1 is...
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    want to lift your wrx? trade me your suspension!

    anyone with an 02+ wrx want to lift it on forester struts? great! I want to drop my fozzie, 160K miles on mine but the struts have been replaced at some point and still handle fine so I would like to find the same in a trade, test drives welcome. we can work out a weekend to swap everything out...
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    1999 legacy outback beater for $500

    Not sure if anyone would be interested here, but may make a good beater for someone or if they need another car. I want to start this forester build so this one needs to fund it. 1999 Subaru outback. 214,000 miles Have a 122k long block with good headgaskets great compression sitting in the...
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    my first motor build!

    So i may be picking up a 2001 forester with no rust, 5 speed S with heated seats and CLEAN. unfortunately she's got a nasty rod knock but i'm fairly certain the heads are mint. I have a 215K mile 1999 DOHC block that was exclusively highway miles before i bought it ran awesome before the belt...
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    Fund my engine rebuild 2 stroke snowmobile $300 my head gaskets are blown so the toy must go took it out this afternoon and pinned it, ran awesome all day. 2 stroke 485cc's of way too fast for its own good. first $300 takes it.
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    Well the worst thing that could possibly happen in my life just happened. Snapped timing belt, anyone have a ej25d or a 2.2 compatible for a 99 outback? I only have 250$ to work with so I need either heads or a good longblock I really just need this thing to last till summer. You guys have been...
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    slush sucks! now sputtering and dying

    After driving a bit through the heavy wet slush. My car is now sputtering hard and stalling if I let off the gas. If I give it plenty of throttle it will rev up all the way just fine but if I'm just cruising it lugs. I just replaced the knock sensor and that fixed all previous issues, no check...
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    wicked awesome custom suspension!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> just had to share why can't i edit my first post?
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    $200 winter beater! knock knock?

    just found a 99 outback 2.5 mt, $200 and all it needed was a battery to drive it home 90 miles. got a check engine code on the way back of P0325 rear knock sensor. is it the same as the front one? it flickers on and off occasionally but the car runs awesome either way. the past owner said its...
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    watch your nuts!

    Always remember to double check your nuts and bolts you do it your selfers! I just had the nut holding on my balljoint to the lower control arm let go (castle nut nowhere to be found) and the cotter pin missing??? Anyways, just a friendly reminder so no one else gets caught with uber camber in...
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    clutch throw out shift fork broken?

    so i have no idea how i managed to do this, but i managed to CRACK and bend the shift fork connected to the throw out bearing and slave cylinder. does anyone happen to have one already removed from a 5 speed outback/legacy GT or have one easily accessible from a car with a motor pulled?? this is...
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    chevy economy tuning

    My father just bought a 2005 Chevy Colorado I5 3.5l truck and wants to know if there are any vendors who do performance tuning could flash the Ecu for better fuel economy rather than performance. Anyone who knows chevys and could let me know about some reliable shops that work on them locally...
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    2nd gen legacy/outback 5 speed

    Well, a quarter million miles of being beat on has finally taken its toll on this transmission. Grinds into gear, reverse switch no longer works, shifter bushings shot. Figured I'd get a feeler for what 5 speeds are out there. Just bought a parts car so I'm not looking to spend too much...
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    1995 subaru legacy 2.2L 5 speed

    selling my fathers subaru as he just bought a new truck, great opportunity for one of you guys to do some work and make a profit, I just have too many other projects on hand.  1995 subaru legacy 2.2L 5 speed AWD, 177K miles, runs solid never abused. valid inspection through next month, not much...
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    The proper way to use a subaru

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    ball joint woes

    Long story short, Maine rust sucks. I was wondering if anyone has the tools to get the pinch bolt holding the balljoint in the steering knuckle. Snapped the head right off. I can remove the knuckle but I have no means to get the stuck bolt out. I am desperate to get this fixed as my inspection...
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    great rally shots and this was SECOND place post great short clips of rally sport here (either i'm blind or I did not see another rally video thread. if there is one, a link would be appreciated)