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    bunch of stuff for sale!

    Sounds good
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    bunch of stuff for sale!

    original post updated. Sweet steelies for your lifted build added! Buy em up! It's yours, you gonna be in the area sometime?
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    bunch of stuff for sale!

    05 outback xt springs to lift your legacy-75$ Lgt/obxt engine cover 10$ Ptp lava turbo blanket, been on one year great shape- 75$ Complete lgt/obxt intake mani- offer Catless STI up pipe-100$ Bassett 15x7 0 offset steelies BRAND NEW 200$$ Get a hold of me by TEXT. I'm located in gray...
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    WTB axleback to fit 98 forester.

    Just like it says, looking for an axle back to fit my 98 fozz. Going to immediately replace the muffler with a flowmaster or something so the cheaper the better. The closer to Gray the better too, willing to travel 20 minutes to reach our half-way
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    Greetings From Gray!

    Welcome buddy. I live (annoy) in Gray too
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    FWIW My experiences with turbo blankets and heat wrap.

    My perrin stays a ton cooler as well, and I also plan on putting a heatshield on at some point. I feel like if I wrapped my headers and up pipe I'd see another pound or two of boost. Would definitely need to look into some boost controllers. As for the bov, I forget how many different models...
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    My 1979 BRAT

    None bondo huh? Man even more jealous now haha. I'm quite partial to that "overly manly man" meme... "Subaru leaking oil?... Automated chassis protection" I'd post it, so the level of funny would be worth the time spent.. But my phone's retarded. Hope you understand the reference lol.
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    FWIW My experiences with turbo blankets and heat wrap.

    Mods to the respiratory system: perrin tmic, GFB bov, mishimoto tb coupler, catless u.p, wrapped Cobb catted d.p, 3" exhaust, and a ptp turbo blanket. Tuned via ap stg 2. (16.5 psi) Before I wrapped my downpipe I would experience over-boost but never very far past 17psi. After the wrap went on...
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    My 1979 BRAT

    That's in stupid shape considering age, damn!
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    BLMPKN's LOWERED 05 OBXT! **UPDATED 1/8/13**

    Also, according to my accessport.. wrapping my downpipe and installing a turbo blanket has awarded about another 1.5-2 psi of boost. I've seen over 18psi quite a few times since install, the stage 2 map is only supposed to be 16.5. Before the wrap and blanket I would still see overboost but it...
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    Another old Subaru-1990 Loyale build

    Can't pass up an opportunity like that, I feel you. And that's great, nobody likes wrenching on stuff in the freezing cold. No matter how cool of a project it is
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    My 01 Forester

    I recognize those wheels! Pretty sure they've only been on lifted cars too lol. Lookin good! I dig the wind deflector. Does it help keep crap off the window? My foresters hatch is "naked" and I keep going back and forth between leaving it that way or adding the duckbill or deflector.
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    MY04 RS

    Can't help you with that technical mumbo jumbo, but damn your cars looking good man! Monster truck like Matt said.
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    Apkarian100's XV Crosstrek

    Looking good Chris. Projectors look killer.
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    Matts 06 wrx

    Damnn Matt (´・_・`) sorry to hear.
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    R/C cars! AGAIN..

    I have a couple. An associated sc10 built to race and an axial scx10 solid axle rock crawler/scaler. Also have a smaller helicopter (not from a gas station lol) Electric ftw nowadays. Nitro is definitely outdated tech when it comes to rc IMO.
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    Another old Subaru-1990 Loyale build

    " can't figure out why one project won't run... So I'll just get another one!" Lol jk. Hope you get stuff sorted out bratman! And have fun with that brat.
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    BLMPKN'S 98 Forester

    Update! Sort of.. the car has pretty much sat untouched since I pulled the motor and tranny out. Too many projects, not enough time.. But I've started my stockpile of parts! And after months and months of going back and forth I'm pretty sure I'm on my "final draft" of planning the direction of...
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    BLMPKN's LOWERED 05 OBXT! **UPDATED 1/8/13**

    Yeap that giant canned exhaust I made myself for 70$. If you go back through this thread I'm pretty sure I detailed the build of it. Unfortunately the can was wayyy to large and hung down too far since my bumper doesn't have the cutouts. It got smashed to hell and I decided to pick up the 280$...
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    BLMPKN's LOWERED 05 OBXT! **UPDATED 1/8/13**

    Thanks dude, this car has been a pain in the ass and has made me way broke but I love it. For the most part lol. I'm relatively sure we're running the same exhaust too. In the works of de-plastidipping. It's not the most fun I've ever had that's for sure, seems to me when it gets old and Sun...