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    bunch of stuff for sale!

    05 outback xt springs to lift your legacy-75$ Lgt/obxt engine cover 10$ Ptp lava turbo blanket, been on one year great shape- 75$ Complete lgt/obxt intake mani- offer Catless STI up pipe-100$ Bassett 15x7 0 offset steelies BRAND NEW 200$$ Get a hold of me by TEXT. I'm located in gray...
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    WTB axleback to fit 98 forester.

    Just like it says, looking for an axle back to fit my 98 fozz. Going to immediately replace the muffler with a flowmaster or something so the cheaper the better. The closer to Gray the better too, willing to travel 20 minutes to reach our half-way
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    FWIW My experiences with turbo blankets and heat wrap.

    Mods to the respiratory system: perrin tmic, GFB bov, mishimoto tb coupler, catless u.p, wrapped Cobb catted d.p, 3" exhaust, and a ptp turbo blanket. Tuned via ap stg 2. (16.5 psi) Before I wrapped my downpipe I would experience over-boost but never very far past 17psi. After the wrap went on...
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    wtb stock exhaust 05 obxt/lgt wagon

    Exactly what it says, lmk what you got!
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    98 fozz master bushing kit?

    A quick Google produced nothing for me. Mabey its just my luck. Anybody know where to get one? If there's no such thing, can someone kindly give me a list of all the bushings on the car? The car is a few towns over, won't be able to look at it for a few weeks and trying to order this stiff...
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    15" chevy beretta gt "snowflakes" 200$ or trades

    Good condition for how old they are, hardly any rash. You can Google for pics or find my forester thread, my phones not letting me post pictures unfortunately. I'd like 200$ trades would be as follows: Full exhaust for a 98 forester Nice black carpet that would fit a 98 forester Black seats...
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    stacking subtle lifts?

    So my yard ornament forester is soon going to be torn apart and the "restoration" will begin. I want to lift it 2" and I have one question: Would it be safe to stack 2-1" strut lift blocks together to achieve (obviously) my 2" lift? Or could that potentially pose problems? Mabey get the 2...
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    WTB rear subframe, tranny crossmember 98 forester

    Dont want to pull them myself, but I'm Looking for a rear subframe that will fit a 98 forester. Pretty sure any 98-08 fozz or impreza one will fit? And a tranny crossmember to fit the same 98 forester. Must be decent shape, thanks
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    05 obxt partial part out

    Motor blew up, tired of turbos, going n/a. Here's what I'm selling that's not really a part of the motor, and if any of the motor is salvageable I'll take offers. Not sure yet. Perrin topmount: overall good condition. Been on for less than a year, some fins are squashed from the splitter. 400$...
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    G.S & Mishimoto 160° thermostats BNIB

    Grimmspeed and a mishimoto 160° thermostats BRAND NEW. Both for an 05 lgt but will fit others 25$ a piece
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    BLMPKN'S 98 Forester

    Just picked up a 98 Forester. White, and 5 speed. Body has 296k but is in very very good shape rust-wise. Just started bubbling on the rear quarters, and a little bit on the front fenders. I was told the motor only has 70k, but has a bad cam seal. My goal for this is a cheap, RELIABLE, fuel...
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    02 arctic cat zl600 trade for blown up forester.

    Like it says, I have a 02 zl600 Im looking to trade STRAIGHT UP for a first gen fozzy complete with blown motor/tranny/rear end/clutch.... Whatever. doesn't have to run, doesn't have to drive. However, rust must me under-control and manageable. Would be a bonus if everything...
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    Fine knock learn; How much is normal?

    Driving from my house to my girlfriends (6ish miles, car at operating temp, stg.2 91) I logged -4.2 to +.3 overall. -1.8 to -2.2 cruising between 2k and 2.5k and it drops to 0.0 while cruising above 2.5k or accelerating. Anything to be worried about? Whats happening? Thanks guys
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    Collection of parts f/s/t

    05 sti driveshaft 250$ 96k 05 sti rear axles 50$ pair 05 sti downpipe bracket 25$ 05 sti transmission crossnember? Offer 05 obxt lgt rear axles 25$ pair Grimmspeed&Mishimoto 160° thermostats i ordered for my outback, will fit others. 25$ a piece BRAND NEW
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    Process west topmount questions

    Process west is no longer making their tmic's for lgts, which seriously bums me out because RSD is out of stock of them. I dont want to deal with paypal and buying one used, so my question is: Does anybody know if their 08+ wrx topmounts will fit on my obxt? From the pictures ive seen the lgt...
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    Wtb 05-09 legacy wagon springs.

    Tired of having nil travel untill bumpstops with these s-techs on my outback. looking for a set of fourth gen (or compatable) legacy WAGON springs. Thanks! Edit: This is more of a feeler, dont have much extra cash atm. But it would be nice to know who to talk to when the time is right.
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    FS/T 2002 arctic cat zl 600

    Like it says, looking to get rid of my sled. Brief description: Somewhere around 5k miles on orig motor, shorter windshield, powermadd pivot adapter & 4" block, 96 picks and carbide runners, sno-stuff rumble pack, id include black handguards (youd need mounts) The bad: Sat around for a...
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    Time for a new clutch, what do you guys reccomend?

    Yep, starting to slip once I hit boost. Not going oem, need a nice aftermarket. I dont know much about clutches so some experience and info would be seriously appreciated! What im looking for is something streetable, preferably without a heavy ass pedal (dd), but can take its fair share of...
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    Oil filter heat shield, and oil questions.

    I run the 5w30 subaru synth and ive noticed around 2k miles or so the oil starts to break down and lose (what seems like) quite a bit of viscosity. Im absolutely not a fan of that. Ive read our motors seem to really like rotella t-6 in 5w40, and this "shearing" of the oil is not nearly as...
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    The Mainely survivalists thread

    Anybody here consider themselves a survivalist? I always loved camping with my family while growing up (35 foot 5th wheel..) but this summer I had my first tenting experience, south branch pond in Baxter. Since then Ive sort of taken a rather large intrest in more roughing it types of...