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  1. gakosaurusrex

    97 Impreza Battle Wagon project (Picture Heavy)

    Since my WRX doesn't see dirt anymore do to the excessive sand blasting done to the lower half do to various pits and back roads. I figured it would be a fun project to make a expedition vehicle to do mainer things aka fishing camping mudding driving places cars shouldn't go etc. Enter the...
  2. gakosaurusrex

    WTB: forester struts for battle wagon project.

    title says it all. looking for forester struts for my 97 impreza battle wagon project. I've heard 08 forester struts work good but need a bit of modification to fit the rear. 
  3. gakosaurusrex

    Parting Out Totaled 2004 BAJA

    Title say it all. 04 Baja. drivers fender is fixable. Hood & drivers side is junk. parts will fit most 00-04 baja/outbacks sedan & wagon ENGINE, DRIVE TRAIN, SUSPENSION, WIRING HARNESS AND ECU ARE SPOKEN FOR. PM me with any questions or offers. PARTS SOLD OR SALE PENDING -Wheels...
  4. gakosaurusrex

    FS. black diamond push 110 flex tele boots.

    As the title says I have a pair of black diamond, push, tele boots, There in 27.5 mondo also can get a 26.5 liner (same shell thicker liner) if you are a smaller then 27.5. Im selling them because there too small, practically brand new only have two runs on them. Here is a link to the site...
  5. gakosaurusrex

    WTB 04 baja or outback CBE

    as title says need 04 baja or outback catback.
  6. gakosaurusrex

    Feeler on 08+ fozzy struts

    lookin around for fozzy struts 08+ i think im goin up!
  7. gakosaurusrex

    The life of Dans 08 WRB REX

           I suppose the best place to start would be at the beginning. My name is Dan I was brought up in Rangeley, Maine and my family has had subarus as long as i can remember. Three loyals, two legacys and now a baja turbo. I guess you could say I have subaru in my blood. My first car was a...
  8. gakosaurusrex

    some cool pics!:WOJfiLzf/
  9. gakosaurusrex

    where do i get mine!
  10. gakosaurusrex

    I have a new name!

    Rangeleyrally_dg got old, so now a more fitting name gakosaurusrex =P
  11. gakosaurusrex

    Fs 08-10 Wrx/sti Turbo Xs 3" Cbe

    as the name says I'm selling my turbo XS CBE for 08-10 wrx/sti, its too loud for my taste. I bought it for $650 without resonator, im asking $450. only $350!!!!!! Its stainless mandrel bent 3" pipeing w quarter inch thick flanges. i also had a vibrant 18" resonator installed into the midpipe...
  12. gakosaurusrex

    will a 04 sti CBE fit a 05 baja

    just a stock sti CB nothing special.& its a turbo baja the donut flange should match up fine right? oh and exhuat hangers 2?
  13. gakosaurusrex

    Terrible starting sound!

    so yesterday i woke up 2 no snow sun and -5 degree temps. i walked outsides to start my car for class, and when i turned her over it took about 10 rotations of the starter b4 she turned over then there was a horrible high pitch sound for about 20 seconds after cold starting then it stopped...
  14. gakosaurusrex

    Mainely Telemark

    well seeing as my old thread got eaten up by the new web page, and how winters about to start i figured i would dust off the old telemark sking thread.haha So lets hear your name, where you ride and on what. My names Dan I ski at saddleback mostly, i ski on salomon 1080 skis with scarpa T2...
  15. gakosaurusrex

    STI Transformer!
  16. gakosaurusrex

    u think this guy had to change his pants after?

    wow just wow. good reactions
  17. gakosaurusrex

    08 WRX stereo build

    so im getting angry w/o a good stereo now a days,it had to happen sometime. it came with some JL audios 6 1/2 already in it Did a "subaru premium" extra tweeter install(all the wires were ready just needed to get the grill and speakers) Built my own box. port filling in. port...
  18. gakosaurusrex


    OK this is the thread for all my fellow tele skiers. Post what equipment your reping and what mountain u do it on. also any funny tele sayings feel free to post that too. Ok, ive been a down hill skier for 16 years now, at the beggining of this season my friend let me try his teles. Lets just...
  19. gakosaurusrex

    F/s 02-07 XO2 Racing TMIC

    For 02-07, I bought this for a previous car and never used it direct bolt on upgrade increases flow and decreases boost loss. Asking 250$ includes all parts. PM me for more info.
  20. gakosaurusrex

    My 08 REX Build

    i bout my 08 wrx March of 09 from evergreen with 7000 miles on it.. it been all work, and fun since then=) Mods List- Sport mesh grill R A mud flaps(blue logo) 35% TINT KartBoySTS Mobile 1 synthetic oil omori boost/EGT gauges went from stock 180mm tires to 225s Brigstone Potenza All...