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    Hey Everyone

    Welcome @Chickadee ! Glad you found us! My girlfriend drives a Legacy, just had to get the headlights replaced. Made a big difference. Hope to see you around!
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    Always Maine, Always Subaru, Social Media?

    Welcome to the community! We are a little slow, but hope we can revive the forum in the new year! Looking forward to seeing you around the site in the future!
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    What type of mods are you looking to do?
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    Congrats on the new ride. Hope you will be able to meet up with us soon!
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    New to the group

    Very Nice! Welcome to the club! A bit further south, but I'm still on my first Legacy with 105k on it!
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    about me

    Welcome to Mainely Subarus.
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    Welcome @oreo
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    2009 Legacy Spec B, 88K, $10,500 or b/o

    good luck with the sale, it's a beautiful car.
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    What struts, fit what models

    As long as you got the answers! Glad to hear it helped!
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    Hey hey

    Howdy! Glad you found us! I have a wedding to attend up in Bangor later in the Summer - place is growing for sure!
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    Good luck with that - and yes some struts can be used on different rides.
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    About me

    Welcome to the family! No question is beyond someone help! Thanks again for joining!
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    New and still learning - NY kid

    Welcome to the forum!
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    What did you do to/for your car today?!

    I want to put some ceramic coating on myself next year.
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    Welcome to the Subaru Family!
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    Hi there! Welcome Are you buying a new turbo or used? If so what kind of miles are on the system?
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    Mainely Subarus Decals

    Would you like a decal to support the site?
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    New Subaru WRX owner

    BRZ are small - I think you'll enjoy the WRX a bit more.
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    How did you find Mainely Subarus?

    Glad you joined us here!
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    New guy

    Welcome sorry to hear you're having issues with the seller. Where did you buy them at?