05 Legacy GT 9lbs Boost


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So my legacy is only boosting 9 lbs. It has a cobb stage 1 tune on it with no other upgrades. New short block with 3000 miles on it. No other issues with it. checked for boost leaks and found none. Is the anyway to check the BCS to see if its bad? Any other opinions would be great.

put 12v from the battery to the terminals and you should hear it click, if it doesn't, reverse the leads. If it still doesn't, it's bad

You are definitely on wastegate pressure. Is it an EBCS, or just stock? If stock you are probably missing the boost pill in the line from the T to the turbo.

It is the stock ebcs. I'll try to get into it tonight to verify the boost pill is in there. the stock ebcs went 190k so i mean its possible it finally crapped out.

Stock is a 2 port, grimspeed or cobb are 3 port. That's why aftermarket doesn't need the boost pill.

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this is true, but you can still run the 3 port as a bleed setup like stock. he mentioned that he had no other upgrades. Probably has a boost leak.

is it idling rough?

Checked for boost leaks there was non. Idles great. Sorry haven't had a time off to test ebcs. If it comes out to be the ebcs can i run a grimmspeed 3 port on the cobb tune?

you can. read the instructions on how to run it with the bleed setup and reusing your factory boost controller lines. you should have no issues if you do that.

OK so I talked to my buddy that helped me put the Motor in and hes pretty sure theres no boost pill in it and I couldn't find one in the line. Where could i pick one up?

and it should matter which end gets connected to the nipple on the compressor, and which one gets connected to the wastegate. They should be able to tell you

I had the same problem a year ago and I took it to my guy. He replaced:
-intercooler to throttle body coupler
-boost line t at turbo
-boost solenoid line to turbo
-boost solenoid line to inlet
-air fuel ratio sensor

>$600 and I was boosting again. Now a year later it's doing it again. I think it's only on wastegate boost. Lucky to get above 9 psi. I reset the ecu and it boosted for 3 more short drives then stopped again.

The only differences between mine and op are:

-spt intake
-spt exhaust
-iag stage 2 shortblock with less than 3k miles

Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks