2000 Outback Subframe Help


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Hello all, I have gotten the old subframe out but the two forward main bolts broke. I tried welding nuts on to no avail I have been told I must cut holes from inside the car. Ok .. I'm willing but all I have is an hf drill and willpower.. So aif anyone has a better tool and could stop by lake auburn and loan it for 10min that would be awesome... If not could someone please show me the sweet spot for the necessary hole



Nigel Prodrive

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measure carefully where the captive nuts are for the subframe bolts, and transfer these measurements to inside the car. Generally, they will be hidden under a layer of sheetmetal that makes up rear floor of car. Drill out ~1" circles with hole saw, being super careful not to hit hidden wiring or plumbing. (this is stressful, BTDT) then reach into holes with extension and socket, and shear off the captive nuts. Bolt up subframe with new bolts and hand-threaded nuts & washers. Torque em up, then move onto next job. cover holes with a couple layers of metal tape.

This job is NOT for the faint of heart, or mechanics who are in a big rush!