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Just became a vendor for the group and figured I'd post up a quick "Hi!" and introduction to the forum members.  My name is Charlie.  I'm currently located in Lisbon.  I specialize in ECU tuning, as well as general repair/modifications and I am an Independent Amsoil Dealer.  I am currently offering road tunes for all models and can do dyno tuning in Standish for non-STi/dccd models.  I prefer open source tuning, but I can tune via accessport as long as the customer has the accesstuner software.


I love to race. I love competition. I love cars. And I love to make them faster. I've been tuning for roughly 10 years now.  Started out on my old '05 Evo back in '07.  Most of my experience was Evo 8-10.  I picked up an Outback XT (our second Subaru) last year to gain more experience with the ECU. Since then, I've done more Subarus than anything else. And I'm having a blast with them. I regularly autocross with the Cumberland Motor Club as well as some with SCCNH and NERSCCA. I've got 4 full seasons of experience with a half dozen events scattered before that with the Evo. I used to be heavy into drag racing as my dad drove a Pro Mod Camaro when I was a kid and we lived there growing up. I had a few fox body mustangs early in my long list of cars I've owned, but since then it's pretty much been imports or Jeeps. When I'm not working or racing, I'm with the family BBQ'ing, camping, hiking, relaxing, etc.

Here are a few current/past projects





My services and rates are listed here


Please give me a shout if there is anything I can do to help you or if you have any questions. You can reach me through PM here, FB, or my website www.baxleysspeedshop.com. My email address is [email protected]

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