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Since it's car related I figured I'd share this here. One of my friends has a metal recycling facility (West Paris Metal) that he runs with his family. A lot of the time they get cars in that run and we feel it's our duty to make them not run.
  There will be other non car related videos that we'll eventually be uploading, anything we feel might be entertaining or funny. As for now I uploaded a handful of videos from our "Project HonDUH" car which I will be driving to it's death just as soon as we can get a day after hours where we're not both busy. And this week's kill: a Dodge Stratus that catches a little air and attempts to reclaim a grown in field.

Hope you guys enjoy!



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Just watched a couple. Love it!  Me and my buddy were doing this when we were 5 til we each got our license.  We made a game called "shutting doors".  Til his dad realized what that meant. We would open the doors on 50 or so cars and smash them all shut in an old Datsun 210.  He got his ass kicked and I got a ride home. First time I ever drove a Datsun though. Just make sure you don't kill anything too cool... (I drive a turbo awd Volvo now... they weren't cool til I got one)



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Thanks for watching! Hopefully we can get out next weekend and kill the HonDUH. That car has been dubbed mine to kill. My friend just moved and he's still trying to find all his GoPro gear, meanwhile I have a duffel full of camera equipment waiting to be put to use. Wish we had another person to help with the camera work.

Hopefully he gets something rear or all wheel drive soon so I can do some proper drifting around the yard, the parking brake is broken on the Honda so it's challenging to slide. I hate front wheel drive. Any decent vehicles they usually try to catch before they're brought to the scrap yard. Once they're scrapped it's not worth the paperwork to get them back on the road or sell them as a whole. My DSM friends have me on the lookout for any DSMs that might come through.

Anyway, anyone who wants to follow us can subscribe to our channel. I'll probably also post links to new videos in this thread. And we'll be putting some other stuff on that channel other than just thrashing and bashing cars. Not sure exactly what, but anything I think people would find funny or entertaining.



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New video! The much awaited (for us anyway) thrash and bash of the car we've dubbed the "HonDUH." This car will not die!


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