Turboback Installation Prep


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Hi All,

I've had the 2015 WRX for a year now and gotten settled in with it. I've always wanted to put in a Turboback exhaust and I think the time is right this July. Just looking for some feedback from the community here and any advice you all have to offer before diving into this.

The TBE I'm set on is the ETS turboback with burnt tips and Muffler. Thinking of going with a catless downpipe to save the 100 bucks adder cost. How difficult will this be to get inspected? I live in Bangor and doubt that Quirk would even let me drive it in their garage un-catted and I don't have a good knowledge of shops around here which brings me to my next topic.

Installation... I have little experience with car repair / maintenance other than changing oil and cleaning the air filter. I don't mind learning and have watched several videos of the TBE installation. It certainly doesn't look like it'd be out of my league to do so I'd like to do it myself. I've got the PB blaster on hand to unfreeze the nuts and the ETS kit looks to come with everything I'd need, but I wanted to ask the community here if they have any additional tips, cautionary tales, or information to share.

Lastly, Are there any good subaru shops around that aren't dealerships I could take the car to to have the exhaust put on if I'm low on time? I wouldn't mind paying a couple hundred to have it installed for me if that's all it is.





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Bring it to farmingdale and I'll help you install it.
Thanks man.

I got it done this weekend. Wasn't easy though. Haven't turned many wrenches in my life. Soundsd amazing though. Now just need to set up a tune. Using cobb OTS but its not very good map IMO. 



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Are you doing a dyno tune, or etune with opensource?
Im emailing eric from Torqued performance for an E-Tune using Cobb Accessport. I'd love to do a dyno tune with bren tuning but I can't financially right now. I plan to install a meth injection kit and when I do that I'll probably take a trip to worcester and get on a dyno. 

Would probably go bren tuning for the e-tune but he won't do an E-tune for people in new england.