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  • Anyone in the Bangor/Brewer area have any large boxes to get rid of, or bin's that I could borrow for a week or so? I'm moving next weekend, will gladly pick up and return them to you. Thanks!

    Personally, I cant stand Peyton, but I have a lot of respect for the way the city welcomed him back in a Broncos jersey. That city loves that guy. I almost want the Broncos to win. Almost.

    For anyone as stoked as I was about having a Buffalo Wild Wings in Bangor, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but my first time there was a complete failure. (At least for me) Long lines, Long Wait, Shitty Service, the food was great(not what I wanted, but still decent), but I think I'll stick to Geaghans.

    Windows 8.1 is definitely a huge improvement over W8. Seems pretty stable so far, maybe even a bit faster!

    Skeet shootin', college football, beers and good friends. Rough Saturday in Charleston

    There is something peacefully refreshing about getting up, getting ready, going for a spirited drive, and then enjoying my favorite breakfast spot, all before 7AM. Now for work, and daddy time tonight with the coolest 2 year old I know. :)

    Letting go is harder then I thought. :-/ Putting my rugrat to bed, I'm not far behind tonight. Ready for a new week.

    Watching your two year old try to figure out how to eat a taco....Priceless entertainment. :)

    It's a fine day, people open windows, they leave their houses, just for a short walk...

    Memphis May Fire is getting me motivated this morning. :) Thank god Friday is almost here!

    Why does a beer always taste better in the shower? Not that Sam's Octoberfest is ever bad though...

    Octoberfest in the shower?! Mind=Blown.

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