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    forester rims

    im selling these as i dont have a Subaru any more and they dont fit the van so $100 takes them just the rims the scoop is going on the van and the grill is gone
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    K3rns ugly van

    so i had to get something so i took 100 bucks and got this its a "BEAST" hahahaha  so ya i guess im the outcast lol
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    The Rise of the White Mammoth

    so my 95 legacy popped its motor in Kentucky 3hrs from my moms place so i called her and my uncle came with a hauler to bring it home so i was down well vary down as it was my only car but i got an early Christmas gift from my mom here it is so im vary happy to be back in a 5spd and...
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    so i was looking on SLI

    so i was looking on the site sli and found these i think we should get some with our logo or the outline of Maine just something to think about....
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    i hate drunk drivers

    A few pics from my lovely night at work some drunk driver just trashed my roommates car here are a few pics 4 cars were in the crash out side my shop in NH where you dont have to have Insurance just my luck right our car was hit hard enough to be pushed sideways into a good friends...
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    selling a few things

    ok im selling a few things for my buddy i have a 90s gmc 1500 pickup 4x4 with a 350 asking 1500 for it needs a tune up and a tail gate also have 1986 Trans am also with a 350 and lots of extras needs some exhaust work and tires asking 2500 for that and i have a camper about 30 feet long has 2...
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    looking for a lift and snowflakes

    im looking to lift my 95 legacy L and a set of rims for it nothing fancy
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    Got it Home today

    well here she is for free only 140k
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    ok so I was given a 95 legacy sedan today by a friend hes had it for years took it to a shop that passed it last year with no probs now they told him the frame is rotten so next week im driving it to my buddys house in buxton to see how bad it is if its not that bad is there anyone who can weld...
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    meet the $5 monster

    well here it is big ugly and cheep we call it Redneck 1
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    new ride

    should be here in the next few days the ghetto wagon. yes its on 22s
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    pics of my lounge

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    hella 500fs

    selling my 2 hellas and bar for 100
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    I go vrooom

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    new tats

    this is the start of one sleeve for the ones ive lost over the years