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    I have tires and wheels for sale, take a peak!
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    In search of a TD04 Turbo and/or Compressor for an 04 WRX

    Hey guys, I've been recently having white smoking coming from my exhaust and tricking out of my hood scoop (coming form below the turbo) without any pattern to it. Head foreman at Stanley Subaru checked it over without any immediate signs to why it's throwing smoke so my best guess is the seals...
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    Bad Valve Cover Gasket?

    Hey guys so about three weeks ago I was waiting in traffic on my way to school and noticed white smoke lightly bellowing out of my hood scoop, smelled like oil burning. I immediately parked and shut the engine off to investigate but when I killed the motor the smoke stopped so I didn't get a...
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    Impreza Outback Sport Wheels

    Ok so I bought the car with these wheels, black at the time, which are the Outback Sport 17x7 +55mm offset wheels. I now have new MSR 45s 17x7 +42mm offset and are looking to sell the Outback Sports tire and all. The tires on them now aren't worth anything, but if I were to price the wheels what...
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    Amazon says NO I think YES

    I'm looking to give my rex a wider stance this spring with new wheels. I'm dead set on a set of MSR 45 18" with a bolt pattern of 5x100 & 5x4.5. Amazon says they won't fit my car, but I'm already running a set of 18" Impreza 6 spoke wheels with 205/50ZR17s in the summer, the tires are 8.5"...
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    08 WRX front plate delete compatible to fit on 04 WRX???

    Currently I have a front license plate on my Subaru, but its bend and looks like crap. I want to take it off and get a plate delete that reads WRX, but the one I want says its for a 2008 WRX and up. Is there any difference in hole spacing or alignment from the 04 WRX front plate mounting base...
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    Inside tire wear

    When I rotated my tires earlier in the fall I noticed that only my front tires were worn heavily on the insides. I got four new general snow tires that are mounted on my stock 16" Impreza rims and I was wondering if I should get an alinement before I put the new snow tires on. If so should it be...
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    Subaru WRX owner from Bucksport

    Hi guys I'm obviously new to this site just wanted to introduce myself. Names Mitchell, currently a high school senior and proud owner of a red 2004 WRX. Looking to meet some fellow Subaru lovers in my area, no one else around in Bucksport with a mean scooby. Hit me up!