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  • damn missed ya i would like to sometime tho, it is friday night and its too late, but im sure i will c u around. thx man, im sure mine is not as good but u can do the same. and mayb give me some suggestions. i just put a sti steering rack and whiteline bushings in my car, i notices a big difference. and just got the harder shifter bushings today, gooing in this wknd. gonna go good with the shortie i got forever ago. well hope to c u around. tho

    Sounds good I am off Wed. till Friday night so I'll give you a call and we can do a small bbq and whatever.

    hey its tim, went to little dans with you yesterday. i have the black wrx sedan with spt on trunk. i have a ? i got the whiteline bushings and just got a new sti rack. well one of the bushings were glued/bonded to the rack and had to come off to get the whitelines on. do i put the white grease between the bushings and the rack like i think? was that just like that so it would not slide or move b4 u put it on? it was only like tacked in a couple spots. or am i supposed to glue/bond that one bushing back on? i mean it is made to move a little right?

    Sorry, haven't been on in a while to make my vote. The 26th will be perfect! It's the last day of my vacation. See ya then. I'll work on being early this time

    Thanks Phil. Looking forward to the fall drive. Me and the family are going to be at Parker pond in Mt Vernon Saturday till Monday. You gonna be up this weekend?


    It was good to finally meet you also. We kinda kept things moving right along on Sunday so it wasn't as relaxed like a meet would of been. If I had been on time we may of had more time to talk and stuff. Thanks for the message, maybe I'll see ya at the next meet.

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