12v not working...


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My 98 obs has two 12v outlets. Neither work. Previous owner said they never worked for him. Fuse checks out. Any ideas where to start looking?

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Everything connected behind the socket itself? Where's the 2nd one? In the hatch area? I have a spare one of those if you need parts.

The rear is on the passenger side right by the hatch. I'm gunna tear it apart tomorrow.

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So I found a few free wires.... one yellow one black and poof it works, I have no clue if those were suppose to go to it but oh well!

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I have a feeling they may have been unplugged if the radio trim had ever been removed to change out the head unit.


The wires I used are the yellow and black. But if memory serves correct the clip with both wires is suppose to run the 12v.....

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I think you can use both. I believe there were a couple different options as far the style of 12v socket, at least that's what I've found. So there are different ways the wires clip on.