18x8" OZ Racing Evo Chrono wheels (light) - 5x100 & 5x112 et 35


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The wheels are OZ Chrono Evos, 18x8", et35, for 5x100 or 5x112 bolt pattern.

et35 is about 8mm off the optimum range according to north ursalia (they stick out) for bugeyes like mine.

I really like these but I wanted something new and its time to clean house on old stuff. When I got them 3 had pothole damage (bent lips, but no curbing) and I drove them just like that all summer. since i've taken them off the car i've straightened them out.

18lbs each! Plus 18x8 is the biggest size the chronos were ever made in. There is also another set of 5x112 holes.

As best I can determine they were $379/wheel, not shipped, without tires.

The tires are Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Positions, 235/40/18. They should probably just be replaced, but you can drive on them until you do so no prob.

New the tires are $250/ea because of their stick-like-glue factor.

Free air included.

sample prices from others selling on VWvortex.com:

$1100 w/ bald tires + extra bent wheel:


$1000 w/o tires and 1 curbed wheel:


$600 w/o tires, 1 wheel damaged:


this wheel still has some rubber mallet residue on the spoke and lip. should clean up with simple green:


tires 2 and 3:


This is the rear wheel with the stock camber:



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Man, I'd love to have these!! Why do these good deals have to come along when I can't spend the money!!!



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come back to this thread if you find yourself with some money, they might still be here.


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I know this thread has been dead for some time now, but I am chasing these wheels. I would love to know who these sold to?

The more information to contact the guy, the better. I would really like to buy these wheels off of him or anyone else you know selling these exact same dimensions. Thank you in advance.

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