2006 WRX rebuilt heads was running great now not so much


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I recently had my heads rebuilt because I had a burnt ex valve on no. 3. Everything was going great on the reinstall, did all the maintenance stuff while I had it apart..,water pump, timing belt, all the pulleys etc, rebuilt the td04, put on all new hoses and lines including turbo inlet and y-pipe, gutted the tumble gates but left the shaft and motors to avoid the cel, it was a real clean complete job... after everything was back together I fired it up and it started on the first rotation and warmed up nicely, but sounded a little rough, so I figured I would take in and have it professionally tuned...couple weeks pass and I would start it in the garage every once in awhile just for shits and grins, it actually seemed to sound better every time I would let it warm up until the last time which was about a week ago, it was running fine fully warmed up and then it just shut off and I have not been able to get it to start back up since, it just turns over and over but will not fire? The pump is priming and the fuel relay is good, I have not checked for spark yet but I am almost positive it's getting spark as I replaced all the plugs and cool, so I am at a loss any suggestions as to what might be my problem I would greatly appreciate


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