207 Motors Indroduction


Hi guys, I'm proud to be a vendor for a great group! My name is Cameron McLaughlin and I own 207 Motors in Buxton on Rt. 202. We are 1 mile from the Scarborough line, 15 minutes to South Portland, and 15 minutes to Saco. I call myself a hypocrite due to the fact that I have always disliked buying from dealers. It seems like everyone is out to steal your money and rip you off. Honesty is thrown out the window and sales pitches are thrown at you. I started 207 Motors because I wanted to create a good honest environment where people can feel relaxed and not pressured. I do not care if someone buys a car from us or somewhere else. I want the customers to buy the right vehicle for them. We can provide real information and experience to our customers. Every vehicle gets a thorough inspection and we even take care of the little things like cluster bulbs or balancing wheels. We offer a one year warranty on most of our vehicles because we know they will last. Most of our vehicles are well under book and we always offer a car fax. 

207 Motors is also a service station and Maine inspection station. We can fix your car right and at a reasonable rate. Our labor rate is lower than most other shops but the quality is better. We take pride in servicing your vehicle. We can perform anything from and oil change to a motor and transmission swap plus anything in between including mounting and balancing wheels and tires and of course head gaskets. We can also install those performance parts you have been meaning to throw on or we can order new performance parts for you. We can get it ready for the dyno!

-207 Certified-

-One Year/15,000mi. Warranty-

We are always looking to buy Subarus!


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