Always Maine, Always Subaru, Social Media?


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Thanks for bringing me on board! I’ve been off social media for a long time, but if I’m being honest I barely used it to begin with. I’m big on community and helping others out and am hoping to find others with a similar passion! Climbing out of under my rock and getting active online to make that happen! I have a killer Crosstrek with 220,000 going strong and a 15 STI rebuild.? Figuring that part out still! I have almost always done my own maintenance, Crosstrek hasn’t seen another mechanic but me since 65,000 miles! I wouldn’t say i’m a mechanic but I am mechanically inclined! Thank you so much for the add!


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Welcome to the community! We are a little slow, but hope we can revive the forum in the new year!

Looking forward to seeing you around the site in the future!