Another old Subaru-1990 Loyale build


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What it looks like now 8/26/13

Pahts list:

96 MPFI EJ22 engine swap w/merged harness

Scangauge II

InfernoFab single port UEL header

Custom exhaust

Perrin lightweight crank pulley


4" SOS Fab lift kit w/ADF front lift blocks and BOSS 2" rear crossmember lift.

KYB/Monroe struts

King springs

Rear disc brake swap

5spd dual range swap

Kartboy shift knob

GL-10 seats

Yakima Loadwarrior roof basket w/extension

36" LED lightbar

Australian corner markers

Rear wind deflector

Painted side mirrors

Hell Supertones


15" Peugeot wheels w/225 70 15 General Grabbers

So I got a phone call from Gabe this past week. He said he had a guy DRIVE in a rust free 1990 Loyale wagon. He was junking it because the clutch was smoked, and it was going to cost too much to replace it! Lol. He sent me a couple pics, and then I went by and looked at it. It was definitely rust free, except for the front fenders which are easily replaceable. So I went and picked it up last night. It was a little sketchy driving it home with pretty much no clutch, but once I got it rolling, and kept up momentum, it wasn't too bad.

So today I decided I wanted to clean it out. When I picked it up, I filled an entire garbage can full of gross, mold covered trash, food, bottles, and other random crap. So I went about removing the entire carpet, as it was soaking wet, and the smell inside the car was atrocious. Here are some pics before

As you can see it was disgusting. I also found a roach, and not the kind that you find in a NY apartment, and a few other pieces of paraphernalia in the center console. I guess some clam diggers just don't care about the vehicles they drive! So here are some pics of after the carpet was removed

It's a lot better than it was, and the smell isn't as bad, but it has a long way to go. It will get a thorough wash, inside and out, this week. It's currently still sitting in the driveway with all the windows and doors open, airing/drying out.

Here is the muddy engine bay

I think the end result will be good, it's just going to take a fair amount of work to get it there. I have had more of these cars then I can even count or remember, so luckily there is nothing on the car, that I don't know how to work on, or fix/replace. I do have some plans for the car, and hopefully they all work out, but it may end up being a somewhat long term project. We'll see! I'm just glad that Gabe called me, so that this rare, rust free Subaru could be saved, because most of them of this era are long gone, or on their way because of rust, and this one is very clean!

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any hints to your plans. I glad you were able to save her from the crusher looks like a nice car



Subaru Ambassador- AdidaSubarus
Boxer3main would of been so proud.
Lol, there isn't enough welding wire and rust on this one!
Plans are possible motor swap, I want to find a 5 spd dual range transmission, lift, and bigger wheels/tires, and I'm sure there will be other random things as well.

I need a new rearview mirror, at least one new front door panel, and I'd like to get a factory roof rack.



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ER27 swap.

You won't...

How did you get that back to Jefferson unscathed LOL? Transit plate?



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No ER27, they are a cool motor, but it's just the same motor that's in there with 2 extra cylinders, when I could drop in another newer 4 cylinder and get more power and reliability.

And I sorta used some plates, and I just sorta drove night. lol



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I keep going back and forth on normal ride height and lifted for my Legacy!!!! This video is almost making me want to buy Forester struts, again ughhhh! My whole problem is the swaybar issue, and I don't want to fab something up, I want to have the best of both worlds in terms of handling and clearance. I just want to be able to drop in some struts and have it work out, which is never the case. Always have to drill new strut tower holes or bend swaybar endlinks to fit or buy longer endlinks etc...

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What are you talking about?? Outback or Forester struts bolt right into your Legacy, no drilling new holes, and the sway bars stay connected just fine. Kati's 99 Legacy had Outback struts in it and never had any issues with the sway bars.

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