boost gauge install help


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so here's my question- I've watched 10 vids and read a whole bunch. I have the gauge all installed and the line fed into the engine.

I removed the vacuum hose to test the "T" fitting that was sent to me, and it seems like it may be too small.  I'm definitely no expert on these things at all. I wanted to see how it fit before I cut the line and tried to install it. I may also just go buy an new hose and trim it to fit the other side of the "t" and not have to cut it if that makes sense to whomever reads this.  My question is, how should I go about fixing the fitment issue?  should I look for a new t fitting... should I use clamps?

I can send pics later when I get a chance to get out to my car if needed

The hose is a little bigger where it slips onto the existing nipples, so there's a chance after you cut it, it'll fit more snug. I always used small zip tires to hold vac lines on.

thanks appreciate the input...I was close to buying a whole new boost gauge this morning...I was getting so pissed at it yesterday afternoon