December 2012 - Buffalo Wild Wings Group Meet - 6:30pm


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I have the whole day off so ill definitely be there! Cant wait i haven't been to buffalo wild wings yet


02 WRX Chris

Well, Ill send you a text matt when I get out of work to see if people are still there. I may just make a quick visit if people are still chilling around.



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Does anyone want to split a bunch of boneless wings? I'm thinking about those delicious little bastids right about now..



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Hell Yeah! although i assumed we'd all order a bunch and split it... but maybe with that many peeps, that wouldn't be practical...

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I'd b happy to give a ride to anyone living along 194 & 126. Let me know.:)

Scratch that, jsut realized this is the Portland, not Lewiston grill...

Guess I can grab anyone close to 295! lol

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