first review of the 2015 wrx


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Looks & sedan-only aside, I like what I hear, but I'll probably hang on to my 2012 until there's a next gen STI hatch.

Curious if there's tons of power left on the table in that setup though... 



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I'm interested to see what they plan on doing with the sti. The wrx has adapted a lot more than the sti it seems. Now it comes with a 6spd MT, bigger brakes, 5x114.3 wheels. From the top of my head the only differences between the two now is the bigger turbo/intercooler, dccd, up pipe?, and interior package/badging.

I am thinking the STi will have more power then previous versions, if not that is ok due to the twin scroll turbo. While most people were hoping for a radical design I can see why subaru went this route. The BRZ is subaru's "hooligan" car. I am realizing that the more I drive it. The WRX/STi is meant to drive great in all conditions and have good to excellent power. Take the BRZ and you have a car that people say, "That's a nice car, what is is?" and most are surprised its a Subaru. It also can rotate the tires on command in stock form and without doing a major clutch dump. Also while turning in 1st or 2nd it will toss the rearend out. Get it going through the twistys and it stays flat and predictable with even throttle.



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I'm still not a fan of the design and even less that they are supposedly dropping the hatch style all together... 

that being said, I wouldn't mind test driving it! 



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It sounds like it might be fun to own for me in 2025.  I'm not a fan of car loans or huge registration fees.  



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There are a lot of things I like, but also stuff that I dont like.  As a loaner right now I have a 2014 outback with the CVT/paddleshift thing  (unsure if same tranny that's in new WRX). But Its terrible imho.  Probably the engine its attached too.

I do like the little screen to give you info.  A boost gauge is nice, even if it does seem to react slowly in the video.

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