fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck shit god fucking stupid pile of fucking junk piece of shit that I drive. Holy fuck. It's time to drive it off a god damned bridge...

So some friends and I were going out in Portland tonight. My car made a whine noise the who god damned way up. And on the way back it got really bad. So I kept diving the fucking pile home anyway. It sounded almost like a brake squak sound. Not really, but that's what I wanted it to be because that would be something easy.

So I take the left front wheel off to find out that both slide pins are frozen and it's overheating, but that's not the problem. So I said fuck and put that back together.

Finally I check the oil for the front diff. FUUUUUUUCK None showed on the stick. So I drained it. Fortunately I have a couple bottles of gear oil. Maybe a pint of ... I'm not sure what to call it. Stuff came out. It smelled like badly burned atf, looked like a dog shat in it, and had no viscosity. The magnet on the drain plug had a castle that a king would be proud to live in.

Then I found out how fucking hard it is to fill the auto tranny diff. Holy god. Having a proper funnel would help.

It sounds a lot happier now. Fucing piece of shit.

So I have a ludicrously huge axle seal leak on both sides. And it doesn't help that ATF is getting in which dilutes the gear oil and makes it leak out easier while destroying the damn seal at the same time.

It better not break, I have to drive to Portland every day rest of this week, tomorrow after I get home a trip to Freeport. Road trip this weekend, one next weekend to upstate NY..... why the fuck do I drive a stupid pile. GRRRRRRRR I can't get rid of it for any good profit though because I can't willing sell someone a time bomb. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. I'm dumping some stop leak ATF shit in the transmission tomorrow and maybe that'll help. Not like the auto works very well anymore anyway. It's probably low now it's leaked so much. GRRRRR

Sorry for the rant, I'm in a bad mood....



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rant acceptable.....that really sucks man....hope it turns out alright....might want to run some fluid through it to flush out any metal that may not be out yet.



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I know it sucks......A LOT. But do remember the amount of miles on the transmission, and the fact that it wasn't in the best condition when you got it, and you haven't exactly been nice to it. That is a somewhat common problem on high mileage autos, the tranny fluid makes it way into the gear oil. I hope all of the road trips are work related, or else they aren't really worth you breaking down out of state. Sounds like you should get going on that tranny swap, you have pretty much everything you need. Good luck with it man!!



Thanks. Except for driving to Porland, not work related. If it goes well this week I'm taking it anyway. If it breaks I'll pull the plates and hitch hike. I dunno. hha.


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I'll tow the SHE DOG with my saturn back for you if it dies! ... probably not the best idea I've ever had but it sounded good in my head!



Thanks Dan! You're awesome.

I'll have to assimilate all the parts. It seems to be to be working decent now after the fluid change. I should address the brakes not working well though....

I was hoping it would make it through winter. We'll see..

If it goes during winter, I'm parking it in a snow bank until spring though...

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