Gauging Interest: 2011+ WRX/STI Front Bumper LED DRL


Hi guys,

I'm gauging some interest on making a LED DRL for the 2011+ WRX/STI front bumper. It would look something like this:



Maybe you don't want a LED DRL, I can add in amber LEDs instead, for an additional LED turn signal.

Let me know what you guys think!



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i was toying with the idea of using either a morimoto led bar or 2x phillip's 4 drl leds but located in the bumper area, horizontal-like... I was thinking either equidistance from the license plate. Or adjacent to it, or I was even thinking of integrating them into that black plastic are that sticks out right under license plate area for a more stealth mode...   Given so few subaru's have them (there are a couple I saw on iwsti [] or nasioc []), it was hard to get a visual of how it could look (good or bad)...

haven't gone any further on the project.

I'm not a fan of the vertical look, but good luck! It's an idea with a lot of potential for sure!


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