Gauging Interest: Subaru LED Projection Courtesy Door Lights


Hey guys,

I've come upon a new idea for door courtesy lighting. It's a Cree LED module that casts a projection on the ground with various logos. Pretty unique idea. I've never seen something like it.

I can get many more projections as well, mainly car badging.

I'm looking to gauge interest in these. Price will be $50 a pair for these and I'll offer this as a package installed for $100.

With enough interest, I'll start a group buy. Just $25 down, and the remaining amount when they arrive.

Let me know what you guys think.

Thank You

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That's pretty cool. Great price too seeing that other places sell these for $100 or more!



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they have this on a mustang at my work. it shines the mustang logo on the ground outside the door just like the picture above.



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Great idea and good luck!

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Fantastic! I would want it to be the Subaru emblem. Or get a custom lens and have it say iBoost


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