Looking for a decent shop to do a wheel bearing job


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I don't have a press, or any of that business; I'm looking for a fairly cheap shop that would be cool with me bringing the part in. Or if anyone wants to help me do it, I'll hook you up with a fine 6 pack of your choosing. Car is an 01' Impreza RS (meaning the hub has to come out)

New bearing installed? I was quoted $120 to have bushings done in my control arms, with me supplying bushings. They said they were budgeting for 2 hours.



Just buy a press you knucklehead. After a few times of needing it, it will have paid for itself....

Next time I need one I'm just going to buy one.



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Front or rear. Fronts are tit. Rear can suck big balls
It's the right rear. Yes they can suck, that's why I want to source it out. I haven't done one in like 5 years, but I recall it being the worst shit ever.



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That always seems to fail. You will need sir the long bolt that never comes out unless it's known to come out easily. Bearing and seals. Possibly a snap ring. Any shop can do it. Just depends on the hourly wage. Just need time and a press



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You don't need to take the long bolt out. If you buy just the bushing for the lateral link, and then take the nut off, burn the old bushing out, slide the lateral link off, then that gives you enough room to rotate the hub assembly out and off the axle. Then use the proper hub tool to remove the bearing, and install the new one. Definitely the cheapest and easiest way to do them. But you have to have a few of the right tools. 


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