Need Help With possible Rear Differential Issue


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Hello everyone, I need help with diagnosing the grinding noise i hear while driving my 2000 Impreza Outback Sport (2.2L with Manual Trans.) Few weeks ago, while driving, i noticed this loud distinctive grinding noise coming from somewhere in the rear of the car.  At first I thought the wheel bearing is bad,  but then I realized I only hear the noise when I let go of the gas pedal and I am breaking with the engine. When I put the car in Neutral the noise goes away; when I accelerate I do not hear anything either, but it comes back when i let go of the gas pedal.  I checked both  CV boots and they look good; no leakage or cracks.  I searched few forums and it seems as if it may be a problem related to the rear differential.   The car has 128,000 miles on it.   The rear differential fluid has been changed last time at roughly 70,000.  The clutch is on its way out but the transmission shifts perfectly.  Can someone help me with diagnosing what the issue is? I do not have the funds at the moment to have Subaru work on it.  Thanks Dan



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Your best bet is to put it on a lift and run it while some one checks the underside with a stethoscope or just a long screw driver should be easy to trace then where the noise is coming from