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Bought my first Subaru about six months ago. I absolutely enjoy the wagon. I found this page looking for info on struts. I’d like to lower my 2003 outback. I’m not sure if these in the picture would fit my car. I have new kyb outback struts and they look very similar to these in the picture. So I’m curious if those springs would fit on my struts. I’ve seen a couple threads on here about what struts will interchange but they don’t seem to mention anything about my year outback. Also when I bought the struts I bought some H&R springs from eBay but they aren’t the correct ones for my outback. They are for a 01-03 Impreza and the seller isn’t working with me on a return. I’m just trying to figure out how to make something work. I appreciate any help and apologize for such a long introduction 🤣


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