Owl's Auto JDM WRX STi V2 Tribute T-Shirts


Owl's Auto JDM
Owl's Auto JDM WRX STi V2 Tribute T-Shirts

A throwback design and colorway to the best time period of Japanese automobile engineering, the early to late 1990's. During this time, many different versions (and trim levels) of the WRX were available pretty much everywhere in the world, except the USA. In 2018, the 25 year rule for importing cars will be lifted, and classic Impreza WRX's will be legal to import to the states.

Owl's Auto did a limited run of this shirt design, to pay respect and give admiration to those original first generation Impreza's. Printed on a sand tee, Fruit of the Loom. Shirts run slightly 'long' but are well fitted, sizes M-XL and one XXL available.

$20 in person.

$25 shipped.

Send paypal to [email protected]

Thanks for the support,

Rick Owl's Auto

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