Recently acquired parts for Turbo Brat and Coupe


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Quick update; I just moved up to Old Town and started at UMO so any advice on the club/ enthusiast scene up here would be great!

Over the summer I went down to NH and picked up a full Ranger's bed worth of goodies. The more exciting bits include a digi-dash from an '84 Turbo Coupe (vin lookup), turbo engine crossmember, 4-speed manual d/r , p/s rack (no rust) and complete engine wiring harness with ECM to go along with the complete EA81T engine. There are some other odds and ends including chrome trim and interior parts. Everything said to work when it was put away.

I haven't decided yet if I am going to rebuild the engine just to have a project or leave it alone. I have become more interested in BRAT's over the years and ultimately if I could find one with not too much rust or unrepairable body damage I would pick it up in a heartbeat. Turbo BRAT conversion with 4-speed anyone? 

If anyone has some good knowledge/ tips for these engines or cars they could pass on, that would be super.






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They did make a turbo brat, but not many of them, and they were all auto. Definitely cool to see some old school stuff survive.



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Also, a better trans would be a 5spd dual range, or even any ea 5spd. The 4spd doesn't hold up to abuse nearly as well, and doesn't have very good cruising gears. I have a mostly complete ea82 turbo car her in the driveway if you're in need of any parts


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