timing belt/water pump/idlers replacement


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so to kick this off ive been trying to think of something decent to offer so here is what i came up with


gates timing belt,new water pump new tensioner and new idlers-$500 (parts and labor)

dayco timing belt ,new water pump,new tensioner and new idlers-$440 (parts and labor)

depending on when the car is dropped off usually same day turn around  

timing set.JPG



DRiVe SiDeWayZ
i just did mine with that gates kit, very nice and for the racing version, all the idlers are dual bearings, not singles

that's a great price!



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definitely a good price! I do this stuff my self anyway but for those curious, how much extra would you charge to do cam and crank seals?



^who i am ...what i say --->
I know I left this pretty basic just to get things going I had to run out within minutes of making this post and I'm currently in the process of insulating the garage so things are a mess till the beginning of the week

But to add a little to that

Dual avcs-+$120

Single avcs-+$80



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Are you still in business? I know the post is acouple years old - so I wouldn't expect the deal to still be valid. I'm looking for someone to diagnose a noise coming from my 2000 Subaru Outback - I've been told it's "piston slap" but I've been told by someone that bad timing belt tensioner can cause the same noise. The mechanic has quoted me $1700 to replace my engine with a used one. I want to be sure that's what it is before I shell out that much money.


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