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I'm going to be going a different route with the back-of-the-roof-above-the-rear-window space on my car, so now's your chance to own a beautifully cheap thingy for your car!

It's plastidipped flat black; it's for sure peeling up on one corner. Lucky you! This is exposing the ultimately cheap super fake carbon fiber print! Wicked cool!

It looks cool on the back of a 2002-2007 sedan, so why not buy it! I'll start the bidding at $10, a massively discounted price! I paid $35!

Send me a pm if you want this beauty on the back of your car.

Please boys and girls, try not to fight over it!

Also I'm in the Bangor area. Don't expect me to drive to Portland to make ten bucks, you bunch of weenies.

If, for some reason, your google machine is broken and you need a picture, let me know. I'll snap one before I rip the (beautiful) thing off my car tomorrow afternoon.

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