Weekly Mainely Meets


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We're going to try to start having a meet once a week and rotate locations so that everyone can be involved. I know that not everyone is on facebook, but we're going to keep them posted on there as well. The rotation will go as follows:

-Augusta area
-Lewiston/Auburn area
-Rockland area
-Portland area
-Brunswick area

After Brunswick, we'll skip a week, and then start back in Augusta the following week. (Might not always go that way)

There will also be northern meets in the Bangor area as well, but will most likely occur whenever is convenient for those that are up there. Nathan (05RSKID) will set those up and run them.

We're going to contact locations ahead of time to make sure they can accommodate us, but it'd be really helpful if, when a meet was posted, people could respond if they are attending, just to give them a rough idea of how many of us are coming so they can be prepared for us. Feel free to ask any questions you may have! It'd be really great to see some great turn outs. I plan on keeping the meets going regardless of the turnouts, but it's always better to have a good turnout!

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