What’s the base model for a blob eye?


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For the longest time the only non turbo blob eye subarus I find are all 2.5RS which seems odd they didn’t make a 2.0. I began to search for a fully stock base 2.0 2004-2005 impreza and found absolutely nothing. I was wondering does anyone know if there’s just rs wrx and sti for this year? It’s been months of me wondering be nice to finally know a answer. Also if there is a 2.0 non turbo does it have a normal muffler like a 06-07 normal base impreza because a blob eye rs muffler is bigger and they have stock slightly tinted windows I believe. Is there anything noticably different between a 2.0 and rs if they even made a 2.0 blob eye.

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We never got a non turbo 2.0 in the u.s. So the blob eye non turbo are all 2.5 engines.